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Hey guys! 
The server is now open and will be whitelisting more people.
In case you can't find the "Apply here" button, here is a link:

Server rules:

1) Be nice to everyone / Respect everyone.

2) Do not grief.

3) Do not steal. (Borrowing without permission is stealing too)

4) Have fun, but be mature.

5) Use common sense.

6) If you didn't get this from 5), NO CHEATING.

7) No PVP without consent.

8) Behave yourself, Staff will ban you if they think you are bad for the server.

9) ... Have fun! :)

Read the rest here: BadgerCraft Rules

If you have any further questions, ASK! :)

MintMoon98 Applied just a bit ago. Hoping someone can take a look when they are free. Thanks :d
_TwistedPixel_ Applied a few days ago, hoping someone can check it out when they get the chance? Thanks :)
Garrett_Lovejoy Applied a couple days ago, hoping someone could review me! Dying to play on a server like this!
maamayhem18   registered to BadgerCraft
bennyboocooper   registered to BadgerCraft
Cythex and Hazrit registered to BadgerCraft
Coop799   registered to BadgerCraft
FurySprirals and JDRocket52 registered to BadgerCraft
Shelly11716   created a new thread Summer holiday in the News & Announcements forum
GottosTheMottoi want it known that i did not knowingly infringe on the agreemant between me and bamse i thought when she told me not to destroy her land i assumed that meant the IMMEDIATE area around her house like 100 to 200 blocks i didnt know she meant the entire swamp and when she informed me that i needed to fix the sand i dug up i started working on getting tools to do just that it was a pure mis understanding honest to god on my grave i never just said screw it and took out the land i never knew she meant the entire swamp im not asking for an unban i understand why i was banned but i want bamse to know that i wouldnt knowingly do that im not like that i was in the process of enchanting tools to gather up sand and sandstone from a desert far far away to fix what i had dug up when i got banned
Dreamz0103   You also had the choice of building away from others, since a swamp ain't needed for redstone contraptions. You also had the choice not to steal from other peoples chests, but thank you for leaving that evidence in your video. If you had read the rules, then you would have know, that just taking without permission is reason enough for a server ban.
zzyzx7   So you defend this, and not the racist comments you made?
IAmDrazi   registered to BadgerCraft
zzyzx7   created a new thread GottosTheMotto | Server Ban in the Bans and Ban Appeals forum
MrAwsim   registered to BadgerCraft
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