Hey guys! 
The server is now open and will be whitelisting more people.
In case you can't find the "Apply here" button, here is a link:

Server rules:

1) Be nice to everyone / Respect everyone.

2) Do not grief.

3) Do not steal. (Borrowing without permission is stealing too)

4) Have fun, but be mature.

5) Use common sense.

6) If you didn't get this from 5), NO CHEATING.

7) No PVP without consent.

8) Behave yourself, Staff will ban you if they think you are bad for the server.

9) ... Have fun! :)

Read the rest here: BadgerCraft Rules

If you have any further questions, ASK! :)

Bamse70 i have been playing for 6 hrs but for some reason it has gone down to 0.69 not happy
Bamse70 nice to know that gottosthemotto is slagging me off in his videos on youtube... but doesnt mention how hes a griefer ass...
scuttstorm Applied a few days ago.
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splurgerine and bonesaws registered to BadgerCraft
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