Hey there everyone!

After a bit less than 24 hours work on migrating the server it is finally done!

The server has been set up on our new host and is now ready to be played on.
We migrated to a new host in order to fix the lag that our "old" host started having.

This means that we are still running the same map, but some other things have changed leading up to the official one year anniversary in 11 days from when this is posted!

What has changed:

- We now have a new Server-IP:

- Upon request from lots of people I have added Xisumas MoreMobHeads!!!
Time to collect them all! haha :)

- The annoying hourly vote reminder even if you had already voted is gone!
There is now a public reminder to remember voting every 4 hours!

- We will now be having more events! We have been lacking that for a while now, the other issues have taken away the extra time that could have been put into this!

- Soon our Server-Icon will change too!!! I highly suggest that you participate in the Competition in making our new Server-Icon!
The thread for that can be found Here(click)

Thank you all for your patience!
Looking forward to seeing you online again :D

[S] derbean Thanks for all the hard work!

Hey guys! 
The server is now open and will be whitelisting more people.
In case you can't find the "Apply here" button, here is a link:

Server rules:

1) Be nice to everyone / Respect everyone.

2) Do not grief.

3) Do not steal. (Borrowing without permission is stealing too)

4) Have fun, but be mature.

5) Use common sense.

6) If you didn't get this from 5), NO CHEATING.

7) No PVP without consent.

8) Behave yourself, Staff will ban you if they think you are bad for the server.

9) ... Have fun! :)

Read the rest here: BadgerCraft Rules

If you have any further questions, ASK! :)

thejjteam Just applied :)
Bamse70 i have been playing for 6 hrs but for some reason it has gone down to 0.69 not happy
Bamse70 nice to know that gottosthemotto is slagging me off in his videos on youtube... but doesnt mention how hes a griefer ass...
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